Ep 71: Chicago: The Violence is Only a Symptom

March 11, 2017

Embark with us on a journey through the violence-filled streets of Chicago, where the violence is at its highest peak steadily taking our brothers and sisters away. While on this adventure, we will encounter survivors of the Chicago streets who gives us first-hand experiences. We will then jump to the educational system and view statistics that show students are at high risk due to the poverty that has flooded Chicago.

Follow along with us with the Video links and articles at the bottom.

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Video Links:

The lost streets of Chicago

Fix Chicago's violence? Start by helping kids land jobs

Article Links: 

Chicago Death Toll Must Be Understood in Context of Shrinking Safety Net, Incarceration and War Funding

Poverty and Crime: Breaking the Vicious Cycle

CPS Stats and Facts

Study Says 70 Percent of Urban Public School Students in Illinois in Poverty






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